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In Odessa found a body 14-the summer pupil of children’s home

В Одессе нашли тело 14-летнего воспитанника детского дома The guy wanted to save a kitten and died.

Last night, the 28th of October, around 18:30 the Odessa boarding school Zhemchuzhinka found the body of 14-year-old pupil in transformatornii substation.

– To get to his rescuers, had to disconnect it from voltage and power, unfortunately as it turned out the guy was killed by electric shock of high voltage. Upon the death of the teenager criminal proceedings, conducted pre-trial investigation of all circumstances of adversity. The investigation is conducted by Kyiv OP GUNP and found out how he got there. Question to the administration of the Power companies, which owns a substation with a voltage of 6000 volts, said Borosak.

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According to preliminary information, door transformer box was locked and sealed properly. The boy climbed into an open transformer box to save the kitten got there.

Note, the children’s home “Zhemchuzhinka” is considered the best in Odessa. He is in the area of assumption monastery.

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