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In Odessa figured out how to more effectively fight crime

В Одессе придумали, как более эффективно бороться с преступностьюIn the city at the expense of the city budget will put 10 Mafov the police.

In the most criminogenic areas of the city will open up ten police stations that look like small shopping pavilions. The first “booth” with the logo of the law enforcement agencies have already established in the Gorky Park. The police believe that these police will deter potential violators and help to protect the city during the tourist season.

As told “Today” the press service of the Main Directorate of the national police in the Odessa region, at the stations will be on duty around the clock law enforcement officers, but the project is in its launch phase. “It is planned to install ten such stations, — have explained in a press-service. They need to prevent crime and improve communication with the public.” - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Cops hope that the sight of these mini-police stations, potential criminals should disappear the desire to break the law, and citizens and tourists can go there for help, instead of running the departments. On duty police will, most likely, along with the patrol, and the means of installing Mafov allocate from the city budget, added in the press service of the Ministry.

Opening police stations is one of the elements of training of law enforcement officers for the tourist season, said, “Today,” the adviser to the head of the regional police Ruslan Forostyak. “The programme will work for the holiday season and have a positive impact on the situation in Odessa is sure Forostyak. — Most of the crimes happening on the streets in parks, dark alleys where no lighting, surveillance and interference of other cyber criminals. These stations will reduce the time of arrival of the outfit in place, will improve the response and will give the opportunity to solve cases without delay”.

By the way, the police are already trying to solve the problem of personnel hunger. “Soon begins the work of the certification Commission, and we will recruit new staff. Also, the University of internal Affairs there will be a big issue, and I hope many students will join the ranks of patrol and police, and personnel of local service. The shortage of staff we can fill also the beginning of tourist season”, — assured the “Today” Forostyak.

Social activists, meanwhile, recognize that the appearance of police Kiosks will help to reduce the crime rate, but note that the boxes themselves can also become targets of attacks by vandals-graffiti.

A direct relationship between the number of patrol and number of crimes and human rights activists say. “With this crime situation, as we have, the more posts and patrols, the less crime,” — said the activist of the Odessa human rights organization “Obereg” Vadim Labas.

While the townspeople react to an innovation ambiguously. Some already complain that in order to set the station in the Park. Gorky cut a tree branch, while others joke that MAF, like other urban pavilions can carry during a RAID and take to the warehouse until payment of the fine for absence of documents.


Meanwhile, in the region to combat crime plan to create a rapid response team of the police. As stated by the Governor Maksym Stepanov, the police will recruit for these groups of new employees, and RSA will purchase cars.

“At the next session of the regional Council, which is scheduled for March 17, I will make an offer to purchase 77 vehicles for rapid response teams. That’s three cars on each district,” — said the head of the field. He hoped that the establishment of such groups will allow police to respond more quickly to crimes and improve the crime situation.

The problem of security, according to Stepanova, now is very serious and threatens the overall attractiveness of the region. “In villages of Odessa region such rampant crime, that people in the twilight afraid to leave the house. What kind of tourism are we talking about, even if locals live in fear,” he said.

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