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In Odessa detained a group of bullies. Video

В Одессе задержали группу хулиганов. Видео Men hindered the work of state artists.

In Odessa beat the representatives of Executive service in the performance, according to the police region. Violators of the law prosecuted.

On 5 December the Executive office conducted an inventory of the property in one of private houses down the street Teaching. In place of the officers waited a group of persons, the purpose of which was to hinder the work.

Bullies jostled, behaved aggressively, had obstructed the attempts of the state Executive to implement the decision of the court. With the help of police the conflict managed to be localized.

Eight brawlers were taken to the police station, four of them drawn up administrative reports under article 173 and 185 (malicious disobedience to the demand of a police officer and disorderly conduct), Art.

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