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In Odessa accidentally found unique frescoes

В Одессе случайно нашли уникальные фрескиIn Odessa, on the walls of the Palace of students found murals depicting soldiers of the NKVD.

They were under the plaster, which fell away after a frost.

The mural was executed by the pupils of Michael Boychuk custom of the club of the NKVD. Subsequently, Boychuk was accused of espionage and together with his students he shot. And all their works of Soviet power destroyed. More of their works in Odessa there.

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Art historian Alexander Roitburd believes that the building may still bits 20 paintings “baitugelov”.

The Directorate of the Palace of students planning to apply to the office of protection of monuments to those issued a decision regarding the value of painting. While it will be protected.

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