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In Norway was found the altar of the Viking king

В Норвегии найден алтарь короля викинговNorwegian archaeologists found the Church of the king of the Vikings, who were looking for centuries.

The Norwegian Institute of archaeologists found the stone foundations of a wooden Church that contained the relics of king Olaf Haraldsson.

According to scientists, they found that Church of St. Clement, in search of which lasted for centuries.

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The grave of the Viking king put on the altar where they were in storage for several years. A year later, the grave of the Viking king revealed through the records, according to eyewitnesses, the body of the king is well preserved. After some time, the relics of the king were moved to another Church.

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The Church was destroyed many years no one could find the burial place of the Viking king. Scientists believe they have found not only the Foundation of the Church, but the altar which contained relics of king Olaf. Also found a well, which alleged miracles happened.

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