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In Norway found the burial boat of Vikings

В Норвегии обнаружили погребальную лодку викинговDuring excavations on the market square in the centre of Trondheim have found the remains of a man buried in a boat.

Scientists believe that the boat was buried noble warrior.

The boat was at least 4 meters in length, buried in the ground approximately on the axis North-South, which is rather unusual for burials of that time. Usually graves are made, focusing on the axis East-West, that is, the sunrise.

Wood boats are almost all rotted away, but archaeologists have found nails and pieces of metal, which allowed them to confirm that this is the boat, said a participant of dig Ryan Reid. Also was discovered two long bones which have already sent for DNA analysis. Near one of the bones we found a piece of a spoon and the key to the small box, and probably the remains of the funerary ornaments of bronze.

According to archaeologists, the tomb dates back to around 7-10 centuries. Like funeral boats were a common tradition among the Vikings, but the first time she was able to find right in the centre of the city.

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