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In Norway came up with an unusual “Safari” with whales

В Норвегии придумали необычное "сафари" с китамиThe ship Safari will seat 140 people.

Electric catamaran Brim Explorer that summer will be to surf the water spaces of the Lofoten archipelago, and in winter to carry tourists from tromsø whale Safari will be built in Norway.

It is planned that the catamaran will make its first flight taking passengers on Board at the port of Svolvær (Lofoten Islands) in August 2019.

It is noted that the ship will seat 140 people. Fully loaded catamaran will be able to do without recharging the battery for 10 hours, moving at a speed of 10 knots (19 km/h). Battery can be recharged in one night practically in any port of Norway. If you need to go a greater distance at a higher speed, the catamaran uses a diesel engine running on biofuel.

The vessel will have panoramic Windows that will allow passengers a closer look at the wildlife of the coast of Northern Norway. Brim Explorer will be able to approach the whales without disturbing them with the noise that make internal combustion engines. In addition, during the trips the crew will use hydrophones and underwater drones that will allow tourists to see and hear what is hidden in the water column.

Already planning the construction of the second electric ship with an improved design that will be used for long expeditions on the routes that will determine the tourists themselves.

В Норвегии придумали необычное "сафари" с китами

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