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In Northern Ireland created a tour for fans of “Game of thrones”

Fans will be able to get into the Seven Kingdoms.

HBO announced the launch of a round of Game of Thrones Studio Tour in Northern Ireland in 2020.

Serialmanager will offer to visit on the set Studio Linen Mill Studios in Banbridge, which served as the backdrop for the fictional world of show HBO. Here, in particular, removed the ancestral castle of the Starks, Winterfell, the castle Greyjoy Pyke, the castle of Tully, the Riverrun and the cave of the three eyed Raven. HBO transforms this location into a new tourist attraction.

There will be placed the original costumes and props of the universe “Game of thrones”. And over the exhibits will be work by the same masters that created the atmosphere in the series. The organizers promise that fans will be able to relive key moments from the show.

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“Some of the most iconic scenes from “Game of thrones” was filmed at the Linen Mill Studios. Our fans will soon be able to visit and see the work of the incredible team at the Museum atmosphere that the show deserves,” – said Vice President, HBO licensing Jeff Peters.

This tour is the first of the series HBO announced last year of entertainment for fans. Other filming locations in Northern Ireland will also be open to the public, including locations of castle Black and king’s landing in Belfast.

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“Game of thrones” turned Northern Ireland into a mainstream international cinturita, attracting more travelers and fans of the show in the country, so they can explore the stunning landscapes, the coast and mountains, shown in the series,” said Executive Director of tourism Northern Ireland John Mcgrillen.

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