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In Nizhni Tagil pupils were fed with bread mold

В Нижнем Тагиле учеников кормили хлебом с плесеньюThe attention of the public and the law-guardians to unsanitary conditions in the cafeteria has attracted one of the students.

At school №7 of Nizhny Tagil students were fed bread mold.

“In the course of documentary checks have confirmed the fact of issuance January 28, students in the school cafeteria poor quality bread with characteristics of mold”, — stated in the message. In addition, check the nutrition unit is revealed, in particular, the fact that poor cleaning of the premises, violation of conditions of storage of dairy products, the lack of a hood above the wash tubs and the presence of defects of cutting tools.

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Instituted administrative proceedings under article 6.6 of the administrative code (“Violation of sanitary-epidemiological requirements to organization of nutrition of the population in specially equipped places (canteens), including when cooking and drinks, their storage and realization to the population”). Manager “Combine of public catering” and acting Director of the school №7 made representations to eliminate violations.

The unsanitary conditions in the school cafeteria in the community “Black list Tagil” the social network “Vkontakte” January 28, complained one of the students. “Cook, serve food without gloves. While they’re still Smoking. And who knows, they wash their hands or not. On the floor (especially in corners) very dirty. Sometimes run cockroaches. But the opposite, they dumped the uneaten scraps of food students in a large pot and change these scraps are laid out on plates,” wrote the teenager. According to him, often in food there are hair also, sometimes students give the bread mold. His complaint student accompanied a photo of spoiled food.

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