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In Nizhni Novgorod from-for a debt of 1 person turned off the gas to the whole house

В Нижнем Новгороде из-за долга 1 человека газ отключили целому домуOne of the residents had not paid for gas for several years, and after disconnecting from a segment connected to a common pipe.

In Nizhny Novgorod residents of the whole entrance already a few days can’t cook on the stove and wash up in the bathroom. Several apartments were left without gas due to the fault of the residents of the house.

For several years she does not pay the bills, and when the pipe blocked, the woman herself hooked up in the apartment gas. Then the utility was closed, the total valve.

“Came to them, only their flat was jammed, all the stack is not touched. Then, two days later, they voluntarily joined, lived happily ever after. But now it came to the City, and they all turned off the riser,” – says the inhabitant of the house Sergey Zakharov.

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Because of such neighbors, says alia Khalilov, she and her husband for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, eat only sandwiches. And boiling water from the kettle and the noodles can be made. The neighbors aliyah more varied menus. slow cooker. But together with the gas in the house is gone and hot water.

The ill-fated siege of the apartment continued for some time. While on the threshold appeared a young man, who introduced himself as a friend of the girl. And tried to explain to the audience that to pay the bill the hostess agreed, but not immediately.

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“If she did not give credit, what should she do?” – spread it with your hands.

Tenants do not understand what to do. They have several times turned to the gasman, those ready to help. But only after you get home to debtors. And while the good payers get for gas boilers to warm for dinner at least tea.

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