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In Nikolaev want to euthanize all stray animals: animal welfare activists are sounding the alarm

В Николаеве хотят усыпить всех бездомных животных: зоозащитники бьют тревогуIn the city want to hold a mass euthanasia.

In September the Nikolaev city Council intends to consider the issue of mass euthanasia of homeless animals. This is stated in the statement of community organizations environmentalists and animal welfare activists in the name of the mayor Alexander Senkevich.

As explained by the authors, in the autumn, the deputies want to amend the “Program for the treatment of dogs and cats in the territory of Nikolaev for 2013-2017”, which provided for euthanasia.

“According to the latest data, which are performed twice experts from the Animal-id UA info, in 2017, the city counted 4 900 homeless animals. In 2016, the number of animals was significantly higher – 7 400 individuals. We can confidently say that the program delivers results and a positive trend to reduce the number of homeless animals”, – stress the animal.

In their opinion, the implementation of the method of mass euthanasia, unlike biostabilization, will not lead to a systematic and comprehensive solution to the problem of the emergence on streets of Nikolaev new stray or discarded animals, and will not contribute to the improvement of the epizootic situation in the city.

“Mass euthanasia of animals is dangerous and destructive to society, because the promotion and implementation of the depreciation life and murder can’t be a civilized choice of Ukraine. This is a fight against consequences and not reasons. In addition, this control method will only create some grounds for useless and inefficient expenditure of means of the city budget”, – the statement stresses.

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