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In New Zealand, found a huge penguin

В Новой Зеландии нашли огромного пингвинаThe penguin’s weight reached 120 pounds.

Scientists have found in New Zealand the remains of a giant penguin that lived on Earth about 60 million years ago.

Discovery is the oldest penguin remains discovered at the moment. As the researchers note, the growth of discovered penguin has reached 150 centimeters, meaning it was almost as big as Anthropornis nordenskjoeldi is the largest known fossil penguin that lived 45-33 million years ago. Scientists managed to establish that the outdoor kind of moved on two limbs, waddling from one to another, as the modern representatives of the species.

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According to the researchers, this means that the penguin was more progressive than his relatives.

В Новой Зеландии нашли огромного пингвина

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