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In New Zealand discovered a sensational find

В Новой Зеландии обнаружили сенсационную находкуFound the remains of a giant ancient penguin.

Scientists from the Senckenberg Institute (Senckenberg Institut) in Germany has conducted a thorough analysis of the remains of ancient giant penguin, found in New Zealand.

It turned out that birds existed in the era of the dinosaurs and are older than was supposed earlier.

Experts from the research Institute of Germany established in the course of a thorough study that petrified with age the bones of the toes and fingers, which are found on the Islands of New Zealand, belong to a really huge penguin whose height was about 1.5 meters. Using mass spectral analysis, scientists have found that flightless birds appeared 61 million years ago, and discovered the remains differed from previous findings. Based on this, the researchers suggested that previous assumptions about the number of species of penguins 66-56 million years ago was fundamentally wrong and the Earth was inhabited by a much greater variety of birds. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The lead scientist said that the huge size of penguins were in the first stages of evolution and literally “dazzled” subspecies. Near the river Waipara in the Canterbury region, archaeologists discovered the remains of other animals that are just waiting to be explored.

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