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In New Zealand, began to massively build bunkers

В Новой Зеландии начали массово строить бункеры Rich Americans hope to survive the end of the world in shelters.

The richest people in the USA seem to know what we don’t know we are with you. Recently, the Americans with great wealth suddenly began to buy land and property in New Zealand. Moreover, they began to build there a modern bunkers bomb shelters.

Of course, conspiracy theorists immediately speculated that the fat cats are getting ready for some kind of global catastrophe. We can talk about nuclear war, the fall to Earth meteorite, approaching the mysterious Nibiru, a terrible epidemic, the uprising of artificial intelligence, and similar horrors that write and say almost all the possible media.

Apparently, New Zealand attracts wealthy Americans its isolation, is theoretically able to save people in case of the Apocalypse. However, the rich is not so easy to implement his plan: here a huge influx of American money led to the fact that New Zealand authorities banned soon foreigners to buy property.

The government of the island nation cannot afford to all the best places here were bought by outsiders, and this is a very good tactic.

However, at least a dozen entrepreneurs from Silicon valley have already purchased this year land in New Zealand and erected a 150-ton silos, entrusting the job of the famous company “Rising S Company”.

In the event of a disaster or rich Californians instantly Pozarevac in their private jets and rush in Polynesia, where they can wait out the events of heaven. In New Zealand, as it is known, live only 4.8 million people and 6 times more sheep. The country is famous for its amazing nature, clean environment and liberal policies.

It is noteworthy that the former new Zealand Prime Minister John Key said recently to local reporters: “Our country is the last stop on the way to Antarctica. If the world begins to roll into the abyss, many people rush here to wait out the danger in our bucolic Paradise.”

But will this bucolic Paradise in the case of planetary catastrophe Paradise, ask a perfectly reasonable question many users of the Internet? Is this “life raft” a true hell for those who decide to prolong the agony on the Ground in case of revolt against our insane civilization?

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