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In new York, will be sandwiches with gold

В Нью-Йорке появятся сэндвичи с золотомVisitors to the Westin will offer gold sandwiches for a thousand dollars

Sandwiches “for a very hungry and very rich”, which is going to make new York the Westin, will consist of several types of cheese and cream truffles.

As writes the edition, on top of the sandwich will decorate edible gold. The authors of the project say that truffles the most expensive food in the world after ROE, in part, “Golden” snacks will cost thousands of dollars, not only due to the incoming in their composition of precious metal.

The Westin is not the first time satisfied with such actions. Previously gold had to sell sandwiches at a local restaurant in 2007. According to representatives of the hotel, the project was extremely successful.

Thin gold sequin and powder in food industry related standard additives and are identified by an E-175. The precious metal has no smell, no taste, but it possesses some useful properties. For example, it has a bactericidal action, enhances immunity.

In addition, the gold profit gives the dish a luxurious feel. Why edible gold in food can be seen in the shops a number of countries — France, Spain, Italy, UK, China, USA, India.

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