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In Network “lit up” interface Fuchsia OS from Google

В Сети "засветили" интерфейс ОС Fuchsia от GoogleIn recent months, rumors about the operating system Fuchsia, which in the foreseeable future will replace other platforms became much smaller, but this does not mean that Google has abandoned its development.

During the lull, Fuchsia, though not a full alternative to Android Wear OS and managed to acquire additional layers of program code and also got a new interface, which is expected to form the basis of the mobile build of the OS.

In the presented screenshots of nothing but classic a-line entering commands, typical of prerelease builds of the operating system. However, to expect something more from a prealfa version would be weird. But even it has seen the versatility and ability to adapt to the device on which it’s run. In the end, it was Fuchsia will become a universal platform upon which will work for all future devices Google.

Fuchsia for smartphone

For example, what we see above is the shell Ermine. It more or less corresponds to how the interface should look like OS for a smartphone. But on laptops Fuchsia Armadillo uses UI and looks completely different, offering a card interface and the ability to work with multiple applications simultaneously.

Despite the fact that Google is developing a Fuchsia for several years and not too hide this fact, the search giant is in no hurry to reveal any significant details about the new platform. The only thing known about her for sure is that Fuchsia Magenta uses the kernel, which provides more opportunities than Linux underlying the Android, and the ability to work on different devices from the gadgets from the category of “smart home” to laptops.

В Сети "засветили" интерфейс ОС Fuchsia от Google

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