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In Mosul government buildings explode

В Мосуле взрываются правительственные зданияThe start of the offensive on Mosul the city has left about 135 thousand civilians

The terrorist organization Islamic state blew up surrounded by Iraqi forces and their allies in Mosul two government buildings in one area before leaving it.

In turn, representatives of the Iraqi army has reported significant progress in the Eastern neighborhoods of Mosul, however, in the South-East of the city the fighting is complicated by the fact that the representatives of the IG to use civilian as human shields.

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In addition, the terrorists hiding in mosques, schools and hospitals.

On the East and North-East, elite units, supported by the United States, moving more and already went to the shore of the Tigris river, which divides the city.

The success of the operation to liberate Mosul would actually mean the expulsion of ISIS from Iraqi territory. With the onslaught from the city EN masse fleeing civilians.

Thus, according to humanitarian Organizations of the United Nations, every day Mosul, leaving nearly a thousand people. Thus, since the offensive began in October 2016 the city has left about 135 thousand people.

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We will remind, the attack on Mosul began on the morning of October 17. It is carried out from several directions. So, about 30 thousand soldiers of the Iraqi army moved to the city from the South. Fighters Peshmerga (Kurdish militia), moving from the Autonomous Kurdish region from the East.

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