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In Moscow there is a skyscraper built by trump

В Москве появится небоскреб, построенный ТрампомBusiness trump had commercial interests in Russia

Donald trump had intended to build in Moscow the skyscraper Trump Tower before his presidency.

About it reports The Washington Post.

Developer with the Russian roots Felix Suter in November of 2015, wrote Trump, that he came to Moscow to discuss the construction of a skyscraper. It is possible that the arrival of a billionaire could meet with the President of Russia.

Sutter also wrote to the Vice-President of the Trump Organization Michael Cohen, supposedly trump intends to celebrate not only the victory in the elections, but also one of the largest projects in the history of real estate.

However, as it became known from sources who are familiar with the construction plan, then trump never visited Moscow. The project was terminated at the end of January 2016, due to the lack of available land and appropriate permissions.

It is noted that the details of the transaction were not disclosed. And yet they testify that business trump had commercial interests in Russia when the presidential campaign has already begun.

As previously reported, in Moscow rufer without safety equipment climbed the tower.

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