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In Moscow, the raiders seized a well-known theatre

В Москве рейдеры захватили известный театрIn the midst of a state of emergency was the Dzhigarkhanyan theater.

The scandals of the famous artist recently do not cease.

Information about raider seizure yesterday issued a press-the Secretary of theatre and the representative of the wife of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

Allegedly said that night in the theater came is unknown. Seized accounts, impound the documents. To influence the situation Armen Borisovich could not, because he was locked in the office. Let’s listen to the version of raider attacks.

They were told that allegedly a group of unknown broke into the building and removed from the control manual. Sam Armen Borisovich spent the night in his office.

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Press Secretary of the theater said that now all employees of the theater who were at this moment within its walls, was detained. To the building bus arrived, it left people in the camouflage and went into the theatre via the back entrance. What is happening inside, is unclear, as journalists were not allowed there.

Informed through the service entrance to the theater were three police officers. The staff began to check passports, explaining that are some investigation. About what, and who appealed to them, not explained.

Sam Armen Dzhigarkhanyan this night spent in his office. Beside him was the nurse on duty. Towards the morning the artist went.

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In this case the police were not summoned. Militiamen came just now.

Here is the second week fans worried about their favorite artist. First, after a quarrel with his wife, Dzhigarkhanyan was admitted to the hospital. There accused my wife of stealing. After the scandal of the spouse left the post of Director of the theater and refused the inheritance.

Now a new round of scandal around raiding. Most interesting is that the bus that brought people in camouflage drove away from the theatre empty.

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