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In Moscow suburbs traffic cameras trusted trader. The company in six months earned 254 million

В Подмосковье дорожные камеры доверили частнику. Компания за полгода заработала 254 млн

In the Moscow region allowed the installation of private cameras, photo and video fixation of violations of traffic rules. The relevant contract with the authorities concluded the company “MBC group”. Under the agreement, the company will be able to earn from each paid a fine of 233 rubles.

The suburbs became the first Russian region where the installation and maintenance of traffic cameras was entrusted to a private company. The government contract for the installation of cameras went LLC “MBC group”. In the Moscow region Ministry of transport announced that the company has to install about a thousand complexes of fixing of violations of traffic regulations and to maintain the devices within 10 years. The duties of the contractor also includes a record of the violations and the transfer of photographs to the traffic police, reports “Kommersant”.

Investments in the project amounted to a total of 4.9 billion roubles, and “MBC group” earns 233 rubles each paid a fine, regardless of its size.

The Ministry of transport of the Moscow region said that “the aim group” have already started performance of the contract, and from July to December 2017 in the budget of the region received more than 337 million rubles for payment of fines. Of these, 254 million (almost two thirds) transferred to the concessionaire.

After the experiment in the suburbs to private owners may be allowed to install and maintain traffic cameras in other regions of the country. The bill, the state Duma adopted in the first reading.

According to official statistics, in 2017 the traffic cameras recorded more than 83.2 million violations of traffic rules. The results of the work of stationary and mobile systems were made 61 million orders.

The company “aim group” is 80% owned by OOO “security”, which is owned by UK “Transfingroup”. Among the shareholders of this company are close to the “Russian Railways” NPF “Welfare” and co-owner of telecommunication company “Maxim Telecom” Sergey Aslanyan. Another 20% of “MBC group” belongs to a certain Joseph Salmawy.

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