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In Moscow, residents of the upper floors through the window removes the drone

В Москве жителей верхних этажей через окна снимает дрон People are afraid of being secretly filmed in an intimate setting

Recently alarmed residents of the Moscow district of Khodynka. Suddenly discovered that someone secretly removes.

The first sounded the alarm the owner of an apartment in a high-rise building on the passage of a Birch grove by the name of Tatiana.

“The window looks into the drone. Gone from the observations in the area of 4-th entrance,” the woman wrote in social networks.

Drone, aka quadcopter, is, simply put, a small remote controlled helicopter, which is now removed from the height of photos and videos. These very often uses the TV and, say, private photographers and videooperatora.

Very soon there were other witnesses. People suspect that they could secretly film in an intimate setting. Scantily clad, for example. Or even naked. Why? For what? Then to put these records online? Or something worse?

“I don’t know what I was thinking drone at this point, and I frantically remembered that I (dressed – Auth.)” – posted by Tatiana.

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“In my case it was the bedroom window, and I was “no necklace,” added another tat with Khodynka, Neklyudova.

“What an abomination! And it is not a shame to a man to do it!” – writes Ia Kuzmin.

A few hours later, suddenly found the owner of the drone. Andrew Cordeleanu began to explain that in Windows he can see people peeping, filmed only a panorama of the area. Although his “helicopter” flew close to the houses, and he could see the inhabitants of the Khodynka. The proof Cordeleanu posted a couple of clips recorded during the night when his drone alarmed the half-region.

How do I find the correspondent of “KP”, the young man really is engaged in professional photo and video shooting. Most often, removes various buildings and construction projects for promotional materials for various real estate agencies.

However, the explanations of the operator of Muscovites not very impressed.

“Flies some garbage outside the window, complains in this forum your concern Alexander Afanasiev. – Who’s controlling her, it is unknown how he does this skillfully, too, I mean, not weird whether window, where the camera looks, too unclear, and if the window is slightly open, still buzzing…”

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“In Berlin buddy with the drone took with the help of special forces, is threatened by another forum user Maksim Grigorevich. Drone was selected as the weapon of offence. Sew administrativku”.

In the end, the residents Khodynka threatened the operator of that the next time when approaching homes drone will be shot down – a broom or a MOP. And then it will report it to the police. The owner of the drone has promised that it will be no more.

The police reported that an official statement about peeping in Windows Drona none of the residents travel Birch grove is not addressed. At least not yet.

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