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In Moscow folk healer beaten to death with rebar: spooky frames

В Москве народного целителя насмерть забили арматурой: жуткие кадрыPersonal belongings of the men, the attackers did not touch.

Avenged the bad treatment.

In Moscow killed the folk healer. 58-year-old man beaten to death with rebar. The attack was recorded on surveillance cameras. Suspects have already been detained. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The bloodied man in the snow found passers-by. It was a bag and purse with documents. People immediately called an ambulance, but the doctors to save the man failed. It appeared to be the owner of the clinic alternative medicine Andrei Istomin, according to local journalists. The reality of a recorded street surveillance camera.

The footage shows how a man is attacked by two unknown, he tries to defend himself, but to no avail. 11 times the doctor was hit with a metal bar on the head and disappeared. Residents of the house near which the murder occurred, say that that night did not hear anything.

“I didn’t even know what killed him. Because there was such impression, what will it cost”, “We didn’t see anything did not hear. But the investigators went called. But we are few more people, we leave all house demolition is”, they say.

Murder suspect arrested the next day. They found 35-year-old widower Yuri Borodkin. He allegedly took revenge for the death of a spouse, which the healer was not able to cure cancer.

“As soon as possible was detained a suspect in committing a crime – Yuri Borodkin was born in 1982. Currently, the suspect is delivered to the investigation Department to conduct the initial investigation. In the near future the defendant will be remanded.

The criminal investigation continues,” – said on the website of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

According to the Moscow media, detained two other suspects. 48-year-old Tatiana Pavlovna – she also was treated Istomin and was unhappy with the result. She allegedly organized the attack. Arrested and her 34-year-old roommate, who inflicted the fatal blows, the reporters.

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