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In Moscow beat the famous Russian actor

В Москве избили известного российского актераThe actor was hit in the head due to the fact that he made the remark smokers.

The famous Russian actor Daniil Strakhov was beaten in Moscow. The star of “Poor Nastya” was attacked after he made the remark smoke under his Windows to young people.

It is reported that the smoke from the cigarettes rose in his place. 42-year-old Fears could not stand it and came down to make a remark to young people. Between them the conflict began, during which the actor was hit several times in the head.

The report stated: “Several respected people have long smoked under Windows Strakhov, puffed whole apartment, what brought him out of himself. Fears came down to personally make a comment to the boys, but everything went not according to the required scenario.”

“The struggle for a healthy lifestyle quickly went to the ground, and ended with several blows to the head. Napina Strahova, smokers, hard breathing, ran away. A healthy Fear, oklemavshis, he went to the police and the hospital,” says post.

Recall that Daniel Fears became widely known for his role as Baron Vladimir Korf in the TV series “Poor Nastya”. He also played in “the Brigade” and “Storm the gates”.

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