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In Moscow and St. Petersburg detained dozens of protesters in support of defendants in cases

В Москве и Петербурге задержаны десятки участников акций в поддержку фигурантов дел

In Moscow and St. Petersburg detained dozens of protesters in support of the defendants in Affairs of “Network” and “the New greatness”

Aware of the 40 detainees in St. Petersburg and more than 20 detained in Moscow.

In the cities of Russia on Sunday held a rally “For our and your children” – in support of the accused in the community “Network” and “the New greatness”. The procession was organized by the parents of the detainees with a demand to stop criminal cases. Aware of the 40 detainees in St. Petersburg and more than 20 detained in Moscow.

Events were held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-don, Irkutsk, Penza.

Defendants in cases of the “New grandeur” and “Network” accused of extremism. The activists claim that the cases against them are fabricated. All of them except Anna Pavlikova and Mary Dubovik, are in jail, some of them claim that they were tortured. Pavlikova and Dubovik changed the measure of restraint to house arrest.

In Moscow, the event took place at the Lubyanka, the FSB building in St Petersburg-Malaya Sadovaya street.

Detained in Moscow and in St. Petersburg report that they are not allowed lawyers.

Coordinator of the Moscow @openrussiateam Viktor Kotov reports that in the OVD Basmanny not allow an ambulance, one of the detainees dissection received during the arrest

At 16.00 aware of the 40 detainees in Saint-Petersburg: five are in the police Department № 78, 16 people – in the Department No. 29, according to OVD-info. The whereabouts of a further 19 detainees specified.

The resource also reports about the detention of 12-year-old girl: she and five juveniles are in police Department № 51.

The detentions started in Moscow on Tverskaya street. In social networks write about the five paddy wagons. Joint group of public observation (FIRE) reports on the nine detainees.

In the beginning of the action in St. Petersburg detained seven people, one in Rostov-on – don. Later, he was released after the Protocol on the implementation on the territory of Russia activities of undesirable organizations (article 20.33 Cao).

In St. Petersburg sateriale and then released without a Protocol the journalists of “Rain”, “merchant”, “Rosbalt” and resource Sota.Vision, according to the ATS.Info.

Activists report that in Moscow and in St. Petersburg on the spot where the participants gathered to share, go provocateurs.

In Moscow at the people’s Assembly came to the activists of the “Russian liberation movement SERB”. Protesters say that they hustle, disturb the audience.

The Lubyanka provokers came from a SERB, that interfere with the protesters, yelling, pushing. The police did not react


Pickets were held in Novosibirsk. They also attended the mother of one of the accused, Arman sagynbaeva Elena Strigin, according to

She said that on the date the son showed her his burned hands, he said he had broken ribs and that, as a way of pressure on him, he had a break from taking vital medicines.

The participants held pickets in the city center. They held posters with inscriptions “In business “Networking” and “New greatness” criminals”, “the FSB tortures children”, “need to stop “Networking” it is fabricated”.

Nizhny Novgorod

Picket was held in Nizhny Novgorod.

Pickets were also held in Irkutsk, Rostov-na-Donu, Penza, according to OVD-info.

The parents of the accused stated that on Sunday, October 28, are going to gather at Lubyanka square, despite the fact that the authorities are not agreed on their claimed share. They asked those who intend to go with them, “not to bring the flags do not chant, do not block roads so as not to expose anyone to unnecessary risk” and avoid detention.

Case “Network”

According to the FSB, “Network” was founded in 2014 in Penza. Among the goals of the organization in the FSB indicative of explosions during the presidential elections and the soccer world Cup, an armed rebellion, the physical elimination of heads of local administrations, the leadership of the party “United Russia”, heads of departments of internal Affairs.

In the case of “Networks” and arrested nine people. All the lawyers of the detainees say that their clients complained of severe torture.

Case “New greatness”

Ten participants of a previously unknown movement of the “New royalty” was arrested in mid-March in Moscow. The basis of their case as regards 1 and 2 articles 282 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Creation and participation in an extremist community”) formed the testimony of the captain of the criminal investigation, operatives Center “e” MIA Mikhail Rastorguev and its agents, including embedded in the organization of the FSB, and another confidential witness. They were one of the organizers of “extremist organizations, planned the overthrow of state power in Russia”, and, in particular, wrote its Charter.

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