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In Morocco, scientists have discovered a unique find

В Марокко ученые обнаружили уникальную находкуDiscovered an ancient creature with the age of 480 million years.

In Morocco, were found the remains of an ancient being in age, approximately 480 million years. In it, scientists have learned an incomplete sample of the fossilized animal, which they found 10 years ago. According to experts, this new type of ancient mollusk that is close to the common ancestor of all modern soft.

British biologists from the University of Bristol have named a new species Calvapilosa kroegeri and reconstructed his appearance. As it turned out, on the body of the mollusk was a hairs-spikes, and the head had a horn formation, which resembled a nail. According to experts, is a chitin formation is a type of radula (float) modern molluscs. It serves for scraping and grinding of food in the animal. In Radul ‘ transverse rows, Calvapilosa kroegeri their more than 125 located chitinous teeth.

The size of the found fossils are generally less than two centimeters. Judging by the fragments, these animals can reach 12 inches in length. According to the researchers, the ancient species of mollusks lived in great depth.

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Scientists believe that Calvapilosa kroegeri very close to the common ancestor (which lived 530 million years ago) all modern molluscs: snails, oysters, squids, octopuses, and others.

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