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In Morocco, found an ancient bone weapon

В Марокко найдено древнейшее костяное орудиеA knife manufactured in a complicated way.

In Morocco in Northern Africa found an ancient bone weapon, created by the representatives americkou culture. Approximate age of the knife from the beef ribs is 90 thousand years. Tericka culture included representatives of early Homo sapiens, and there was 145-20 thousand years ago.

Ancient people lived in separate groups, engaged in hunting and gathering inhabitants of the sea and thrown on shore. Representatives americkou culture produced and wielded scrapers, knives, arrowheads, to which was attached a handle.

Found in Morocco, the knife described by the staff of the London Museum in 2012, and the age of the guns were able to determine later due to optical Dating. In the layer where the discovery was made was attended by traces of charcoal, ashes, skeletons of various animals, some of whom are still unidentified predators.

According to the researchers, the knife was produced the hard way that suggests that North Africa is already 100 thousand years ago had his own set of unique technologies.

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