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In Mont are ready to test the controversial law on education

В МОН готовы проверить скандальный закон об образованииThis assured the head of the Ministry Liliya Hrynevych.

The Ministry of education and science of Ukraine has sent to the Council of Europe a letter in which he announced the intention to submit for examination to the Venice Commission article 7 On “language of learning” of the law “On education”, said the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych September 27 during a meeting with the Minister of national education of Romania Liviu Marian Pop.

“October 6, I have also scheduled a meeting with Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland, where we also discuss the issue of expertise and the implementation of article 7 of the Law “On education”. You need to understand that paragraph 4 of article 7 provides that basic and high school one or more subjects could be taught in the language of the European Union. The ratio that would be put in different classes, will be registered in the basic curriculum, which is approved by the Cabinet, along with the state standards. We are ready to engage on the issue of advice, but all decisions will be taken, should consider, first and foremost, the interests of our citizens, regardless of origin,” said Grinevich of the press service of the Ministry.

The Minister noted that now in Ukraine there are whole enclaves where the population speaks only the minority language, so children have no language practice in the state language.

“This adversely affects the results of testing these children in the Ukrainian language. This year, more than 54% of children enrolled in schools with Romanian language of instruction, have not passed the EIT in the Ukrainian language, that is, not crossed the threshold of passed/not passed. These children automatically are unable to join the Ukrainian Universities, they will not be able to get into public office or local authorities. But worst of all – we are creating linguistic ghettos, areas in which citizens are able to freely communicate with the rest of the population of our country,” – said Grinevich.

It is noted that the meeting of the Ukrainian Minister with a colleague from Rumney was held “in a friendly format.”

It is expected that Liviu Marian Pop will carry the main arguments of the Ukrainian side regarding the implementation of article 7 of the law “On education” to the Parliament and government of Romania.

We will remind that earlier the law “About education” was published in the Verkhovna Rada “Voice of Ukraine” and will take effect from September 28.

According to article 7 of the law, beginning September 1, 2018 preschool and primary education children can obtain, in the language of national minorities, while simultaneously studying the state language.

From 5th grade children will begin to learn the state language and the language of the national minority to study as a separate discipline. If the language of national minorities applies to the languages of the European Union, it perhaps teaching one or more subjects. For children who are currently studying in the languages of national minorities, provides for a transitional period until 1 September 2020. These children will receive secondary education, with a gradual increase in the number of educational subjects taught in the Ukrainian language, and by 2020 should start teaching in the state language.

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