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In Monaco presented the flying car

В Монако представили летающий автомобильSlovak company led the development of machines for over 25 years.

At the exhibition Top Marques in Monaco, Slovakian company AeroMobil unveiled the updated version of the prototype flying car. However, the firm stated that the first customers will receive their cars in 2020.

Work on the aircar has been ongoing for over 25 years. An updated prototype has nearly six feet long, and its width in the unfolded wings reaches nearly nine meters (in car mode — 2.2 meters).

The machine is equipped with two-liter boxer “four”. It produces energy for two electric motors on the front axle (the capacity of the aeromobile as a car equal to 110 horsepower) and is responsible for the operation of the screw. In aviation mode, the engine reaches 300 HP.

The interior is designed for two people, maximum takeoff weight is 960 pounds. The speed of movement in the air — up to 260 kilometers per hour. Range with 90-liter tank is 750 kilometers. To fill the need aircar conventional gasoline.

On the road aeromobil develops 160 kilometers per hour, acceleration to “hundreds” takes ten seconds. The rise occurs at a speed of about 130 kilometers per hour.

The company noted that a complete transformation of the machine for flight requires no more than three minutes. When moving on the ground for the safety of passengers is the responsibility of airbags and seat belts with pre-tensioners and the air will automatically drop down the chute, integrated in the body of the aircar.

In 2015 flying car AeroMobil collapsed during the test. The pilot managed to use the ejection system and landed safely with a parachute. The prototype was dropped from a height of 300 metres. The causes of the incident the company called unforeseen difficulties.

Cost of production of the aircar, which the developers are already taking pre-orders, equal to 1.2-1.5 million euros.

В Монако представили летающий автомобиль
В Монако представили летающий автомобиль
В Монако представили летающий автомобиль
В Монако представили летающий автомобиль

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