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In Mexico, scientists have discovered a sensational artifact

В Мексике ученые обнаружили сенсационный артефактScientists have found an amazing ancient Palace.

Two anthropologist from the American Museum of natural history recently announced a huge Palace, built in the time before the Aztecs.

According to them, the complex of Palenque — the oldest known in the valley of Oaxaca.

As it became known, even before the Aztecs in Mesoamerica developed countries, but Elsa Redmond and Charles Spencer and you can determine oldest state — one of the main problems of anthropology. But the Royal palaces can help.

Most researchers in this field believes that the ancient civilization in Oaxaca was one of the first States in Mesoamerica, and Redmond and Spencer are confident that their discovery confirms the theory. Anthropologists have dated the Palace complex 300-100 BCE, that is, he is now about 2.1-2.3 million years. According to them, this may be one of the oldest multifunctional palaces in the valley of Oaxaca.

The complex is well preserved and similar to historically documented palaces of Mesoamerica. Here the ruler and his family had their own room, but there is also room for dining, office, places for sacrifices and stairs. The huge size of the Palace suggests that the ruler had many servants.

In addition, the complex sheds light on ancient architecture: construction technology suggests that the complex was first properly designed, and then erected in one organized large-scale approach. In the living quarters have a capacity to collect water, and cut stone drain.

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