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In Mexico, held protests against the construction of the “Wall of trump”

В Мексике проходят протесты против строительства "Стены Трампа"The construction of the President of the United States was estimated at $ 12 billion and declared that to pay for the wall should Mexico.

Mexican nationals, members of the public and political community of this country to actively oppose the construction of the wall on the border with the United States.

The wall will extend from West to East from California to Texas, where it will continue a natural border – the Rio Grande. The total length of otgorodite will be slightly more than a thousand kilometers. Everything is already partially built, but rather in the form of a fence with numerous breaches.

In Mexico a decree trump has called nothing short of “aggressive and hostile act”. Local politicians are asking the President to take action. The population, especially those living in the border States of Mexico, covered a spontaneous protest.

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“You know, trump says that building a wall to isolate themselves from the bad people that the Mexican people are bad that we deliver drugs. But it’s not. You can’t brand us all as one man. Because there are millions of honest, hardworking Mexicans who have all the right paperwork,” shared Mexican Esenia Perez.

“He only thinks about himself, he doesn’t care about other people. In my opinion, trump has every right to build the wall, because it is his country. I, as a Mexican, what can I change? This will be decided between trump and the President of Mexico. They’re the ones who deal with it,” says a citizen of Mexico Tijana.

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“Faced with a statement by Donald trump, it is very important that President Enrique peña Nieto immediately denounced the treatment that he has canceled a planned visit to the United States. It’s time to call a spade a spade: wall is a hostile act. Enough to argue about who will pay for it. Mexico must determine that the decision of the new President of the United States is the aggression in the direction of Mexican men and women,” said the Senator from the center-left democratic party of Mexico Armando ríos Piter.

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