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In metro Los Angeles found mastodons

В метро Лос-Анджелеса нашли мастодонтовWorkers building a subway in Los Angeles, stumbled upon the remains of the mastodon, whose age is not less than 10 thousand years.

In the Los Angeles metro has discovered the remains of an ancient mastodon, whose age was about ten thousand years.

About the research of paleontologists, on Friday, the newspaper writes San Diego Union-Tribune.

Experts found a sample of Tusk size of about one meter and a non-integer multiple of the teeth. The discovery was made on 24 November at a depth of five meters above the ground.

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To conduct the study, the authorities have hired a special team of paleontologists. They found a few samples of bones, which belonged to the second mastodon. The press representative of the Los Angeles metro’s Dave Sotero said the fragments belonged to two individuals, who lived on the Earth about ten thousand years ago. Now the experts will find out what exactly the mind belonged to animals.

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Recall that the average height of the mastodon was three meters. Externally, the individual is very reminiscent of a mammoth.

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