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In Mariupol on the place of the sea has formed a “desert”

В Мариуполе на месте моря образовалась «пустыня»Environmentalists warn about consequences.

That grows shallow and turns slowly into the swamp pride of Ukraine – the mighty Dnieper river, environmentalists say a long time. But in danger and the major resort area of the country – the sea of Azov. For example, in the Gulf of Berdyansk of Zaporizhzhya region the sea receded from the shore for a few tens of meters, leaving only a mud bottom. And just the week before in another part of the coast of the Azov sea – Mariupol, has gone on record 200 meters. People only left to admire the beauty of the desert formed.

Rescuers diving emergency service explain, they say, blame the raging North-East and East wind. That will change it, and the salt water will return to his native shore. Support this version, and some Ukrainians.

– Wind South or South-West turn, and everything will be back – many believe the “experts” in social networks. – Don’t panic!

В Мариуполе на месте моря образовалась «пустыня»

Coast residents believe that as long as there is no water, you can poubirat the seabed. Photo: Igor Streltsov

Others fear that nothing just happens and if somewhere decreased, means somewhere arrived. The third joke, he says, and a tsunami in the neighborhood, so nature is unpredictable.

Who is truly disturbed, so it is the scientists who believe that the cause of the tide is totally different.

According to the candidate of biological Sciences, associate Professor of Zoology and ecology, Dnipropetrovsk national University of Roman Nowicki, wind wind, but to blame the human factor.

В Мариуполе на месте моря образовалась «пустыня»

Sea waves “drove away” – I think the rescuers. Photo: Igor Streltsov

– The Azov sea receives little water from its tributaries, because those are all shallow – explained Roman Novitsky. – Usually in the fall always drops the water level, but this is generally some dry. The groundwater level is very low, shallow reservoir. It’s because of all the ponds and grebel, all of which are built and being built.

The expert said that such water scarcity means for the ecosystem, because, where before was water, grew the reeds, and the fish were spawning. In addition, even if you drop the level in the reservoirs, there will be no potable water.

But the residents of the sea coast believe that the so-called low tide you can use to vacuum – clean the bottom from silt, algae, debris, hazardous, wood and iron.

В Мариуполе на месте моря образовалась «пустыня»

In Mariupol, where raged the sea – desert.

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