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In Mariupol ex-militants “DNR” got into a fight with a COP

В Мариуполе экс-боевик «ДНР» подрался с полицейскимIn relation to his initiated pre-trial investigation.

In Mariupol, Donetsk region there was a conflict between the police officer and the owner of the illegal kiosk. The latter, judging by numerous testimonies on the Internet and the media, fought in the ranks of the brigade fighters “Tag”.

The incident occurred on the evening of December 11 in the left Bank area of the city.

The police asked a local resident who found it dubious the appearance of the trailer in the yard of an apartment building on the street.

Since permits for this object was not municipal services dismantled the building and transported to the landfill of solid domestic waste.

On the ground during the conflict with the police the owner of the trailer struck the officer and sprayed him in the face with pepper spray.

“During the conflict the man struck a police major injuries and sprayed the vehicle with tear action in the face of police and local resident”, – militiamen reported.

The owner of the trailer is detained against him initiated pre-trial investigation under article of the intentional infliction of the employee of law enforcement body injury during service.

The owner of the trailer – a local resident Roman Jumaev. In his profiles in social networks there are photos of him in uniform with weapons and symbols of groups “DNR”, the USSR and the Russian Federation surrounded by other militants.

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