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In Luhansk Ukrainian soldiers repulsed the enemy attack terrorists

На Луганщине украинские бойцы отбили вражескую атаку террористовWhile a powerful attack was wounded soldier Mat.

Individual mountain soldiers of the assault brigade tactical group “Lugansk” repulsed the enemy attack fighters.

It is reported by the General staff of the armed forces.

“The militants during the day strengthened his bunker, making it external to at least a few meters closer to the positions of the Ukrainian military. Some were digging, others covered them.

In the evening in our direction the first shot came. The bullet nicked the ear of the Ukrainian defender. Cousins put on a bandage. The enemy was not limited to small arms, and began to use machine guns,” – said the military.

When illegal armed groups have used grenade launchers AGS-17, the Ukrainian defenders were given a fitting rebuff, answering of all existing weapons.

“The shrapnel from the grenade hit one of the soldiers in the leg. While one group was doing the wounded, others were shot. I heard another shot AGS in the direction of the trench, all the soldiers, as if on command, covered the wounded with their bodies. The fire of our troops was successful, because after a while the enemy guns fell silent”, – noted in a staff.

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