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In London for absurd reason fined child

В Лондоне по нелепому поводу оштрафовали ребенкаThe police promised to cancel the fine and to apologize to the family.

In London a five year old girl was fined 150 pounds (about $ 195) for the sale of lemonade.

The girl’s father andré Spicer said that his daughter was selling lemonade for 50 pence for a glass with a small counter in the heart of Mile End in East London.

Thousands of music fans at this time, passed by on the way to Lovebox festival.

Spicer said his daughter liked the idea to organize a small “shop” near the house. “She just wanted people to smile. She’s very proud of ourselves” he said.

“Some time after the start of trading was approached by four police officers. I was a little shocked. I thought they’ll just tell us to pack up and go home,” said Spicer.

“But they turned the camera on and began to read a long document explaining that she had no license to trade. My daughter clung to me, shouting: “daddy, Daddy, I did something bad.” She’s only five years,” he said.

“After that we were fined 150 pounds. We Packed up and went home,” added Spicer.

The representative of local authorities said: “We are very sorry that this happened. We believe that our police officers use common sense and wisely use their powers.” The police promised to cancel the fine and to apologize to the family.

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