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In “LNR” claim about undermining pylon

В «ЛНР» заявляют о подрыве опоры ЛЭПThe power supply was not broken, claim to “LPR”.

Unknown undermined the electricity pylon in the occupied village of Chelyuskinets Lutugino district, Luhansk region. As the separatist media reported that the electricity settlements has not been violated.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, March 22, at 17:15 in the settlement Chelyuskinets ‘ to Kuibyshev street. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“An unidentified explosive device in the explosion destroyed the concrete pillar No. 130 VL-110 kV Substation Leninskoe – Substation Lugansk”, – stated in the message.

Energy settlements “LC” is not broken. In fact the incident are carried out quickly-investigative actions.

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