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In Las Vegas introduced robot dogs, delivering parcels

В Лас-Вегасе представили роботов-собак, доставляющих посылкиThey even know how to ring the doorbell.

At the exhibition of electronics CES-2019, which is held annually in Las Vegas, the German company Continental has introduced a concept of delivery with the help of robotic dogs. This writes TJournal.

The robots are able to find the way to the house, climb the stairs and ring the doorbell. According to the Continental idea, robot dogs will be transported to a certain area on unmanned vehicles and pick up after they hand over the parcel.

Also employees of Continental held at the exhibition a demonstration for journalists, during which the robot dog rose slowly to the porch and rang the doorbell. According to the authors technology publication the Verge, robotops-couriers – this is the weirdest delivery system, about which they have heard.

Representatives and Boston Dynamics, maker of the famous robot dog, and Agility of a startup Robotics, who created the walking robot Cassie, saying that their devices can deliver. However, as noted by The Verge, the company does not plan to turn this into a real service for futility: robots with “legs” is still very clumsy and slow.

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