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In Kyiv is expected again the weather deterioration

В Киеве вновь ожидается ухудшение погодыDrivers and pedestrians are asked to be careful.

In Kiev, December 26 cloudy, sleet, places sleet sticking, on roads ice. Temperature about 0 degrees.

In this regard, the Directorate of emergency KSCA urges Kiev to be careful moving around the city, and recommends that you adhere to the tips during icy conditions.

Tips for drivers:

observe the speed limit and distance, refuse from risky maneuvers that adverse weather conditions can lead to emergency situations;
when approaching pedestrian crossings and location of children’s institutions reduce speed to a minimum;
don’t forget to turn the Parking lights or fog lights;
in deteriorating weather conditions with heavy snowfall and ice on roads do not use vehicles with summer tires.

Tips for pedestrians:

go slowly, feet slightly relax and slightly bend your knees, go to the entire sole;
do not keep hands in pockets – it increases the possibility of not only falling, but severe injuries, especially fractures and concussions. Wave your hands to the beat of the walk – it is better to keep balance;
when equilibrium is disturbed while walking in icy conditions try to quickly sit down is the most real chance to stay on his feet;
if the fall can not be avoided – strain the muscles, brace, and touching the ground, try to roll a strike directed at you, reduce the power;
be careful on the sidewalk, the vehicle can enter or the driver may not time to slow down;
when the road ran in front of the car, keep in mind that stopping distances on slippery roads is increased 4-5 times;
avoid the metal manhole covers – as a rule, they are covered with ice.

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