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In Kyiv invented a new way of fighting

В Киеве придумали новый способ борьбы с гололедомMm crushed stone chippings are much cheaper than sand.

In KP “Pleso” with “Operating company # 1” experimented with the new capital of icing. Weekend footpaths rusanivsky channel and Obolonska embankment sprinkled sand and stone dust — small (4–5mm) crushed stone chippings.

“It’s very popular in Europe and America. As practice shows its use in the West, little more effective in-slip on the icy sidewalks, to the same sand is cheaper by 40-50%,” — says “news” the General Director KP “Pleso” Pikalov Denis. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The utility I of Kiev, how much they like the innovation and whether to apply it on a regular basis.

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