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In Kyiv has increased the demand for luxury apartments

В Киеве увеличился спрос на элитные квартирыThe market premium real estate has recovered after the crisis: in 2016, the property bought is twice more than in the season before last.

Kiev developers do not hide optimism: last year they managed to significantly increase sales of expensive apartments. The reason is simple: in 2015, luxury housing prices dropped, which signaled to potential buyers.

“In the premium and business segments, too, there is pent-up demand. Due to the price adjustment in 2015, housing was affordable. We saw the return of buyers, especially in the premium segment,” said managing partner at Kiev Standard real estate Oleg pereginets.

For example, according to the register of rights in REM, in 2015 it was bought 82 apartments in the capital’s new building premium, and for 2016 — 157, that is, almost twice as much.

But the offer in the premium class has decreased by almost a third, at the same time the average cost in 2016, a little bit grown up on 2%, to $3906 per square meter. Experts explain this by the market entry of several projects with a price higher than the market average, for example, LCD “Central Rada” on the Grushevsky street, 9b.

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The business segment was much more active. The year started implementation of housing in six new complexes, total supply more than 2 thousand apartments with a total area of 166 thousand square meters And the price decreased by 4%.

Undisputed leader in the luxury locations of new buildings — caves area: there are about 60%, more than 200 thousand sq m of deals. The second largest Shevchenko district — 99 thousand sq. m or 29%.

According to experts, the minimum amount of new supply of elite new buildings in 2017 will exceed 200 thousand sq m more than 2,000 apartments.

“We are also expecting the release of new international developers, who consider the market of Kiev for a long time and are ready to start. This will increase competition and ultimately have a positive impact on the product,” — said the perehinets.

According to the managing Director of ARPA Real Estate Michael Artyukhova, expect market entry of large foreign developers is not necessary.

“Now is considered a luxury apartment in new building worth 250 thousand dollars, that is an investment in the 5-10 million dollars to “cover” the cost of building one high-rise,” — says Artyukhov.

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And that the arrival of such medium-sized private investors willing to invest from 5 to 10 million dollars he believes the most likely next year.

“Are most interested in plots of land, Solomenskiy, Podolsky, Shevchenko, Pechersk area. But buy for the money very rarely. The most common option — a partnership, when the owner of the land, and foreign investment. Depending on the package ready permits we are talking about 10-15% percent of the apartments or the square of the finished home. Ideally, when the hands have the whole package, including approved and passed the examination of the project, it could be about 20%,” — said Artyukhov.

But he agreed with his colleague that the projects will be more elaborate and offer new solutions not currently available on the market. “The market of elite housing, though stable, but narrow. Otherwise as new as a customer not found”, — said Artyukhov.

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