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In Koncha-Zaspa local residents have fought over the beach: in the course went heavy hammer. Video

В Конча-Заспе местные жители подрались из-за пляжа: в ход пошли кувалды. ВидеоLocal residents staged a conflict over the fence.

In the village of Kozyn, Koncha-Zaspa, one of the locals installed the fence, the fenced off part of the beach.

The organizers announced that a group of land owners near the river Bank, illegally seized (blocked by fences) part of the beach and coastal line. According to activists, land owners believe that the laws do not apply to them and the beach can now belong to them, despite the lack of papers on the right of ownership (lease).

Representatives and local activists informed the owners about the illegality of their built structures and fences, and called to eliminate violations independently. In response, I received only threats.

Also, representatives of the defense reported to the regulatory authorities about apparent violations of the laws of Ukraine (Water and Land codes) and called on state authorities to take the necessary measures to remedy violations.

Due to the lack of any adequate reaction from the state institutions, activists gathered on Friday to draw attention to this issue.

The local community had met several times to resolve the issue peacefully. Residents have written complaints to the local Council and even the SBU and Prosecutor’s office, but this does not lead to anything. “Two weeks ago, the owner of the fence was given a warning that he calmly dismantled the fence. But he didn’t, so today we came with sledgehammers,” said local resident Viktor Shevchenko.

It is reported that the protesters were confronted police, as well as the land owners and their relatives. They did not let the activists to their homes, but Recalling that it is their private property and they will not allow the dismantling of buildings and fences. According to them, all disputes concerning the haphazard construction of the coastal territory should be decided in court.

Activists attempted to get to the areas along the banks of the river, but ran into the fence of one of the households.

Among the owners of one of the houses was seen a former MP and former Vice-rector of NAU Maxim Lutsky.

Journalists also showed a fence demolished during the last promotion.

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