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In Komi the patient died, which is not told to “fast” from-for snow blockages

В Коми скончался больной, которого не донесли до "скорой" из-за снежных заваловThe head of the village Council was unable to allocate money for equipment for 14 residents. Now 13.

In Komi the man died, of which paramedics of 1.5 km was carried to the car “ambulance”.

To go home sick soon failed the waist-deep snowdrifts, the road is a narrow path. More than a kilometer paramedic and the driver ran with a stretcher, oxygen tank, cardiograph and defibrillator at the ready, but the patient had.

The only way to save the life – emergency hospitalization. To ambulance the patient was dragged in turns on the inflatable stretcher, the journey took half an hour. Another 40 minutes went to the nearest hospital, and there joined the resuscitation. But the patient died.

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For the village with an unusual name Ibom is a big loss. There were only 13 people, all elderly. Rely on themselves and help each other. The store in the neighboring village five kilometers take turns.

“You have to walk with sticks through the snow to the tub,” talks about the trip to the store is a resident of the village Stepan Mashkalev.

The products are placed in the trough and dragged dragged on the virgin snow. If swept much of the village did not get out. Purchased in store so winter for at least a week enough. Bulldozer bulldozing the road, there in eyes did not see.

This road in the winter, probably never, in my life never been cleaned,” says the priest father Valery.

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“And break. Even the car will not pass. Only on foot and have large boots to put on,” says local resident Valentina Moskaleva.

Not just once or twice to the village Council complained, he was one of several villages. But there is answer that is unprofitable for a dozen residents of the technique drive.

“We always proceed from the principle of rational use of funds. We have tax revenues are low, and money to clean up all the roads is not enough” – said the head of the village Council Vasily Kotov.

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