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In kiyevshchina the truck crushed a passenger car

На Киевщине фура раздавила легковой автомобильHappened lateral collision.

Saturday morning on one of the roads baryshevsky district, there was a fatal accident – truck crushed cars “Audi” A4.

According to the information SSES of the Kiev region, the message on road accident has arrived on the remote duty of the police about half past eight in the morning. In the message it was said that on the highway in Baryshevsky area facing the truck and passenger car, the driver was trapped in the cockpit.

At the scene immediately left the 24th IR SMT. Baryshivka in structure 1 – unit of fire equipment and the plant’s personnel.

Upon arrival at the scene of the accident, it was found that there was a lateral collision of the truck “Renault” and passenger cars “Audi” A4, causing the driver got pinned between a chipper and a truck.

The thing is that the driver of the car not tailgating – driving too close to the truck and got in the so-called “dead zone” and the truck driver simply didn’t see the car, which led to the accident.

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