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In Kingdom Hearts III, you may receive the PC version

У Kingdom Hearts III может появиться версия для PC Developers Square Enix said that they are trying to cover as many platforms.

Next week will be the release of Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition. According to the creators, the PC version of the game was in the plans from the beginning.

There is another big project by Square Enix, which is now in development: Kingdom Hearts III. Until this game is announced only for PS4 and Xbox One, but there is a chance that it will drop on the PC.

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Takeshi Aramaki, technical Director and lead programmer at Square Enix, said that the company aims to launch more games on different platforms.

“The company’s strategy is very much shifted towards attempts to release as many games on many different platforms in order to reach the maximum possible number of players. So I think in the future you will see much more releases on different platforms”.

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From his words we can conclude that there are all the chances of reaching Kingdom Hearts III on the PC. Moreover, the development of the game is on Unreal Engine 4, therefore the process of porting should be even easier compared to Final Fantasy XV.

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