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In Kiev will check the condition of green plantings

В Киеве проверят состояние зеленых насажденийHurricane city streets Lysenko tore a metal roof off the house.

The bad weather of recent days caused a lot of troubles in Ukraine, including in Kiev. Monday, March 11, a huge tree fell on the sidewalk right outside the walls of Parliament.

Fallen trees broke the contact network and thus have made adjustments to public transport – seven trolley buses and two trams. And at the stop of Ivan Shevtsov due to the fall the tree hurt the woman.

The Kyiv city state administration decided to inspect the green spaces that may pose a threat during bad weather. Utilities and other asset-holders (all forms of ownership) territories should urgently check out green spaces at their sites. After all, they have administrative responsibility for untimely performed work in the case of the careless attitude to the duties they can expect a fine.

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After the wind, raging on 11 March, on Monday, the rescuers received over 40 applications for the liquidation of consequences of stormy weather. An emergency situation had to be corrected on the street Khmelnitsky, Degtyarevskaya, Athletic, Lviv, Rodimtsev and many other locations.

In bad weather, rescuers go on calls, if there is a threat to the health or life of citizens, and in situations when it blocks traffic. In other cases, must respond, the city’s utilities.

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Now “Kievzelenstroy” started cropping disaster, the old, the sick and dead branches. This sanitary cleaning, according to the city state administration, will help reduce the risk of accidents.

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