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In Kiev will bring 11 of the most ancient wonderworking icons

В Киев привезут 11 древнейших чудотворных икон All shrines will participate in the procession in honor of the Baptism of Rus by Prince Vladimir.

On July 27 in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra will come 11 of the most ancient wonderworking icons of Ukraine. And on July 28, in celebration of the baptism of Rus, the icon and the relics of the Holy Prince Vladimir will carry in procession from Vladimir’s hill in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. The event is held in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Kharkov bishops ‘ Council (in 1992 the Primate of the UOC was elected Metropolitan Volodymyr). To July 27 of the miraculous icon are traveling to dioceses, and they have done prayers for peace and healing of our country.

В Киев привезут 11 древнейших чудотворных икон

Metropolitan Onuphrius: “When people depart from God, starts a feud and war”

В Киев привезут 11 древнейших чудотворных икон

— Your Beatitude, how did the idea of the trip to Ukraine of the wonderworking icons of all dioceses?

— Last year we were all witnesses to and participants in the procession, which was celebrated in our Ukrainian land from 9 to 27 July and had a single goal: prayer for the unity of Ukraine, peace, love and patience between us. The procession of Svyatogorsk Lavra met in Kiev with a procession from the Pochaev Lavra. So, our ancient capital, Kiev, has brought together the West and the East.

This year we decided to continue the tradition of strengthening the spiritual ties between dioceses and regions of the country and blessed the visit of the wonderworking icons from one dioceses to another. July 27, all the miraculous images will arrive in Kyiv to participate in the prayer service on Vladimir hill. After the prayer in honor of the Day of the baptism of Rus Shrine carry a religious procession in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, where will start the festive all-night vigil, and the next day — a solemn divine Liturgy.

— What icons can be put believers?

That’s six images, revealed and glorified in the aftermath of the Kharkiv bishops ‘ Council, the 25th anniversary of which we celebrated recently: the mother of God “Support to the humble”, “Vladimir-tithe”, “Boyana”, “Radomyshl-Iver”, “Svyatogorsk” and the icon of the “Vernicle”. As well as five ancient miraculous icons of the virgin Mary: “Pochaiv”, “Zimne”, “Kasperovskaya”, “akhtyrskiy” and “lordly”.

We believe that the grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the intercession of the blessed virgin Mary peace will reign in all the dioceses and regions of our country. The whole history of Ukraine and its Orthodox Church testifies to the close spiritual ties between the centuries-old monasteries and Orthodox communities of the West and East, North and South. Today we are trying to revive these traditions and strengthen them. We believe that peace and harmony between the regions should be the cornerstone of recreating understanding in all our Ukrainian homeland.

— We pray for the Orthodox in Ukraine, which pray on the eve of the great feast of the baptism of Russia?

— We pray to God for forgiveness of our sins, because of the sinfulness of man brings on him the wrath of God. Due to the fact that people depart from God and strive to obey His commandments, in the society there is hostility and war. We ask God for mercy for all Ukrainian people, of the admonition to all of us. We believe that the intercession and mercy of the Theotokos, which through Its miraculous icon will visit almost all the regions of Ukraine, which touches the heart of every Ukrainian, and will excite in him a genuine desire to become spiritually cleaner and to live in mutual peace, patience and love.

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