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In Kiev, unidentified persons ransacked the grocery store. Video

В Киеве неизвестные устроили погром в продуктовом магазине. ВидеоTo detain any of the attackers failed.

Around 21:00 the group of five people, went to the store “Products”, which is among the residential high-rise buildings at street Rainbow, 5.

Crossing the threshold of a trading hall, the young men began kicking the Windows and refrigerators with drinks. At that time the store was one seller. After the incident she called the police, who were responding to a call about two hours.

According to the store owner Sergei, this is the second attack on the store for the last 2 months. Handwriting attackers are the same. They beat and break, but that does not take. The last pogrom was 31 January at 21:00. He suggests that it is intrigues of competitors.

Surveillance cameras recorded the mayhem. The record shop owner was kindly provided by the Informant.

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