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In Kiev “ukrainiziruyut” two square

В Киеве "украинизируют" еще два сквераOne of the squares renamed in honor Sheremet.

The city authorities are going to late April to rename the two squares in the Shevchenko district, which is named after personalities who had a connection to the Soviet regime.

This was stated by the head of the Institute for reform and development of Kiev Alexander Vovchenko.

So, the square in front of the cinema “Kievan Rus” in Lukyanovka, which still bears the name of the organizers of the Holodomor of 1932 and 1933 in Ukraine, Stanislav Kosior, will be named in honor of the commander of the UNR Petro Bolbochan. While the Park is named after Valery Chkalov is a Soviet test pilot, which is located on the corner of streets Gonchar and Michael Kotsyubynsky will now be called the square of a name of Pavel Sheremet.

“Also there are several parks that do not fall under the law on de-communization, but they were called in the Soviet style and the names are obsolete. For example, parks “Youth”, “Aurora”, “Satellite” and “Disk”. I know that there have already been suggestions to rename. I have no claims to these names there, but in Ukraine there are many outstanding figures, died in the East, on the Maidan, the memory of which ought to immortalize,” shared the official.

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