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In Kiev thieves have come up with new methods of theft

В Киеве воры придумали новые методы кражIn Kiev, the crime was well-prepared to apply the methods of committing thefts.

Now, to clean out stalls or kiosks, criminals create mobile groups.

Read more about the situation with theft said the Director of the holding companies security “Sheriff” Dmitry Strizhov. According to him, for one night only on may 22, employees of his company have recorded five attempted burglaries in the street trading facilities (Safs).

“Compared to last year, the number of thefts increased. I changed the approach to crime. If previously dominated, conventionally, household theft – when a criminal, having broken glass, grabbed the goods from the shop window and ran away, now working in more organized groups,” – said Strizhov.

In such groups there are thieves specializing in lockpicking using skeleton keys. After “special” opens the door to the room run up his accomplices – usually two people. The faces of the thieves covered with masks or caps that are unable to fix the surveillance camera installed in the MAF.

“Within 30 seconds, maximum one minute the criminals raking all that is on the shelves in bags, and then run away,” – said the head of “Sheriff”. With this precaution, the thieves Park your car not outside the kiosk, as arrived on a call police officers or employees of security firms to chase the departing vehicle, and in the courts. When he reached the car, the criminals sit in it and quietly leave.

On the average, to clean out the MAF, and then to escape, thieves it takes one to two minutes. They steal everything: food, cigarettes, coffee. All this “good” then sold on the secondary market via the Internet.

Increased the number of thefts in supermarkets of Kiev. According to Strizhova, daily in the trading rooms of the guards of his enterprise delayed for 4-5 people, many of whom are pensioners. Also a lot of moms with young children who are repeatedly trying to put diapers. The overwhelming majority of would-be thieves claim that the theft of their needs doing.

Also, the markets are working and professional group of criminals. Their goal is to resell stolen goods. Work “shop” thieves in different ways: some try to carry the goods outside of framework-scanners installed at the entrance, others tear off the bar code from the product to the scanner was not able to identify, others resort to the help of accomplices.

Some people use this technique: take from the counter a few cakes or a box of expensive chocolates and casually put the goods on the roof of the lockers, near the entrance to the store. Co-defendant on the other hand takes the item and without undue haste puts it in a locker, then both go, but after a few hours, come back and carry the goods without raising suspicion.

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