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In Kiev there will be 3D copies of historical monuments

В Киеве появятся 3D копии исторических памятниковPeople with vision problems can learn about the sights of Kiev.

November 13 is the international day of the blind. So in the world draw attention to the problem of socialization of people with vision problems and providing them with comfortable living conditions.

In Kiev also try to help people with visual impairments to experience the fullness of life and beauty of the city. For them, the capital will establish a reduced 3D-copies of historical monuments.

Soon such attractions as Golden gate, St. Andrew’s Church, St. Michael’s Cathedral, the Monument “Motherland”, the Independence Monument, the Church of St. Nicholas and monument to Volodymyr the Great will appear as thumbnails, which will consist of more than 100 parts. And the first 3D model will be the St. Sophia Cathedral. To be installed on the pedestal at the Sofia square.

The first stage of the project is to create a small architectural model of the ensemble of St. Sophia, polymer, plastic on a 3D printer, and the second manufacturer of silicone molds, and the third is cast bronze. There will be signs with text written in Braille. Such models are in many European cities. Thus, people with visual impairments will be able to tactilely familiarize themselves with iconic monuments in Kiev. One of the model architectural monuments of the capital takes about 3 months.

В Киеве появятся 3D копии исторических памятников
В Киеве появятся 3D копии исторических памятников

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